Here at Catworks Construction we strongly believe that it does not matter whether a project is already designed, Design-Build or requires initial scoping of the work to be developed. We have to understand the needs of the end users that are driving the need for the project. This understanding allows us to tailor our project teams and our work program to deliver a successful work product. This is particularly true on projects that start with scoping and some level of design or design development effort where we will be directly involved in creating solutions to the issues. The Catworks approach to managing any project, but particularly design/build, starts with the initial phone call, pre-bid walk, or meeting regarding a potential project. During that initial dialogue, our qualified personnel begin by listening and by seeking to understand the needs inherent to the project. We have learned that by examining the needs of the customer, and those of the end user, we are much better equipped to fully understand the intended outcome of the project, and thereby better able to successfully deliver the desired outcome on time and within the budget every time. Being a small company we also never lose sight of the fact that projects are about people – the people that need something built, rebuilt, renovated or repaired and the people that make that happen.

CWC employs licensed and certified technical personnel. We believe that by recognizing each projects unique set of circumstances and requirements and selecting the right mix of construction staff and resources accordingly, we create the best opportunity to exceed our customer’s expectations for each and every project.Considering the needs of the end user at the onset of project scoping and at critical steps along the way, enables us to not only improve our success rate for incorporating the end user requirements and as many of their desires as budget will allow, but also enables us to select, develop and adjust our full construction team during the initial stages of scoping and cost estimating. When we do this early and we round out our construction staff for the project accordingly, we are able to better mesh with everyone involved in the project. This definitely includes the end user, the full complement of project stakeholders and our customer, in this instance, the US Postal Service Facilities Department. We always try and select members to round out our construction staff that will complement the overall project team including our customer (in this instance USPS Facilities), their customer (the facility and it’s end users), any regulators and other agencies that may be involved.

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